Spirit Synott, These Aren’t Simply Portraits (projected photographs).

Artist. Actor. Dancer. A person with a disability. I have been all of these things.
I am more. 
Currantly working on my 2nd year of Masters in Design in Inclusive Design at OCAD U. I have been a practicing visual artist most of my life. My focus for the last number of years has been on dance rather than drawing and painting however that by no means, means I stopped the former.
Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 11.16.50 AM
I think in describing visually how fragmented, invisible, I feel at times. Frustrations are discounted. I hope to use mirroring, metaphoric up against a brick wall, reflections of societal denial. Snow can be a barrier for many but no one wants dis images to be to prominent “pro =nounced.”
If we really are more alike than we are different then why do so many of us feel so alone? I deal with a different kind of racism in that I’m not seen as human. I swear sometimes people think I am contagious. I think they are not conscious of thinking that way or this way but they do. I see it in their gaze. 

I want to show Artists are multi faceted. People with Disabilities are multifaceted.
I have studied fine art, experimental art, martial arts, music, fashion, acting all before dance became my focus. 

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 11.18.29 AM

I grew up drawing, painting, writing songs, singing, speaking out about things I think are important because I desperately needed to express myself.  Even though most of my life I have been stared at I have felt invisible. For this reason I use digital photography to enhance my visual arts expression and also to record experiences as a way to not disappear. I would like to create a number of works using multimedia. Drawing, painting, photos, journaling all show the many aspects of my life as an artist in many arenas. Is it brave to express and expose oneself? Perhaps. is it heroic to some? Perhaps. When I say well-crafted I mean it is accessible. Accessible to me means it invites you in and/or is a perspective you hadn’t thought of that might make a difference in how you see other situations in life: a modern day profile of “Not what you thought when you looked at me.”

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