Eric Huhta. Self-portrait.

My name is Eric Huhta and I am a fourth year student in the Drawing and Painting Program at OCADU.

Most of my work deals with my own autobiographical accounts with depression, mania and psychosis, yet with the subjectof ability or capability being left somewhat ambiguous in the final readings of the works.

This painting is a self-portrait, however it is quite abstract. The second largest canvas I’ve worked on, the painting is landscape orientation and measures six feet wide by four feet tall.  Originally a much more academic rendering, the painting began from a photo of myself seated in the middle of my bed wearing a set of turquoise hospital scrubs. Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 11.05.08 PMAfter a month or so in this direction the painting was changed, and now masks the original figure’s architecture with a kaleidoscopic array of colors and shapes. The painting’s abstractions came from my dissatisfaction with the original concepts articulated, however the original work was not as much painted over as it was incorporated or assimilated. The realism of the old figure is now clad in contours of fractured colors, hundreds of brushstrokes of oscillating blues, greens, yellows reds and whites wrap the entirety of the old figure like a shell. The original pale green backdrop and brown figure have received a similar treatment of abstraction, although their color palettes remain somewhat more in tune with allowing the figure to stand out. The details of the face, hands and clothing are still present in a way, but now they act as points to inform and direct the abstracting color, which allows for one to easily identify important features of the figure while still keeping with the paintings newer chaotic aesthetic.


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