The Art and Ability lab, OCAD U.

The Art and Ability lab at OCADU explores the relationship between art-making and disability. The lab’s approach is interdisciplinary with practitioners from art, design, programming and media working together. One of the main undertakings of the lab is the project Cardinal. This project is based on eye-typing. It is focused on developing a system of communication for people who have speech limitations.

Eye-typing systems are a common communication technique for individuals with speech impairments. These systems frequently require users to select words or characters by resting their eyes on a stationary target, an approach that results in user eye fatigue. Image

The Art and Ability lab has developed a typing system aimed at reducing eye fatigue, which relies on simple eye gestures for the selection of language characters. This system uses a screen and infrared camera for reliable gesture detection. The end goal is to remove the screen altogether so that users can enjoy face-to-face conversation.

Geoffrey Shea – Principal Investigator, Artist and Educator

Alan Boulton – Software Engineer

Alex Haagaard – M.Des Candidate

Nell Chitty – M.Des Candidate

Tahireh Lal – MFA Candidate


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